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Hi! We're Bananium Labs, an organization of student developers who work on a variety of projects, from tinkering with hardware to VR games. Since Bananium was founded in 2017, we have been continuously in development, looking for new ways to improve our skills and organization outreach.

One of our major projects was LaunchHacks, a hackathon hosted by us for 100 high school students in April 2019. If you're looking to host a hackathon of your own, contact us and we'll do our best to help you get started.

If you'd like to take a look at some of our projects, we've created a listing of all of the projects that have been created by members and affiliates of Bananium Labs over the years.

Bananium Labs is also a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit! We hope to inspire fellow students to create impactful projects with technology, and make some projects of our own as well. If you'd like to support our cause, please consider submitting a donation (tax deductible): our donation button is located at the bottom of our page.

Legal Stuff: All donations support BananiumLabs Incorporated, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to BananiumLabs Incorporated are tax-deducible to the extent permitted by law. BananiumLabs Incorporated is classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(2). BananiumLabs Incorporated's tax identification number is 83-2190283. For additional information, please contact us or refer to prospectus under specific programs found below.

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Current Developments

Trackversal 70%

OhmLock 10%

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Have you ever been frustrated with having to nervously read through your admission letter just to find out you were rejected? How about the lack of gratification when no confetti appears?! Worry no more! Introducing... ADMISSION_CONFETTI.crx! This chrome extension will scan any webpages you visit ending in .edu for the word 'Congratuations' even if they are in an iframe. If it does detect any traces of flour-based commodity, such as bread, you will be introduced to an infinite flow of confetti. What can get better than that?!

More info can be found by clicking here

Contributors: Eric Qian


Have you ever wanted the premium features of the best bike locks out there, such as auto-locking and smart theft detection? OhmLock brings all of that, plus a unique detection suite that negates the risk of false alarms.

Contributors: Eric Q, Ben C, Omar H, Peter H

HotSwap 2018 Pioneer Hacks Submission

Winner - 4th Place

The perfect platform to encourage collaboration and learning in a safe environment by facilitating book and supply exchanges at school.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Alexey Kolechkin, Vikram Peddinti

HoneyDue 2017 Firebird Hacks Submission

Winner - Best .tech Website!

Responsive cross-platform app which intelligently generates schedules to help you stay focused on your homework!

Written using Angular2 + Nebular.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Viraj Shitole, Omar Hossain

Flymail BaseHacks III Submission (Team B)

Winner - Best Internet Of Things

Today's world is full of complications and information that is easily lost in other information found in other information. With the hassles of letters, taxes, bills, and paychecks all coming in the same place, we decided to make it a bit more organized. This is why we made Fly Mail, an physical electronic mail box that sorts and stores your mail into piles and the cloud respectively, allowing organization and an effortless life style at the forefront of your day.

Hardware with Arduino, relay from digikey (since we dont have a H bridge), Dragonboard for running vision, and a low res usb camera. Most important of all, a Nike 'project' box.

Contributors: Eric Qian, Muaaz Wahid, Omar Hossain

AegisVR BaseHacks III Submission (Team A)

Aegis is an interactive virtual reality self-defense simulation, focused on educating its users on how to deal with dangerous situations involving another person. We wanted to spread awareness about self defense and educate people on techniques so they would have a better chance of escape should they ever end up in such a situation. In the future, we'd like to add more scenarios and refine the animations to give a smoother learning experience.

Written using AFrame, WebVR, and the LeapMotion SDK.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Vikram Peddinti, Kevin Chu, Alexey Kolechkin

Ditto TinoHacks II Submission (Team B)

A beginner's first programming language to aid in the transition between visual programming and higher level text-based programming. Compiles into JavaScript, which can be used to create basic web applications.

Written and compiled using JavaScript.

Contributors: Adarsh Iyer, Alex Waitz, Alexey Kolechkin, Vikram Peddinti

Bananium Plugin Pack for VSCode

A collection of our favorite plugins for our favorite editor!

Contributors: Ben Cuan


The ultimate modular New Tab Page! Create your own widgets and rearrange them however you wish. All configuration settings are saved by account- login using your email, Google, or Github. Change the themes, color, and more!

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Vikram Peddinti


Launch Hacks is a 24 hour, 200-participant hackathon hosted by Monta Vista High School students. Our goal is to bring high school students in the Bay Area together to convert ideas into reality. In addition to helping students improve their design and development skills, we also provide support to help students improve business and presentation skills- not just to pitch a successful project, but also to inspire the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Food, workshops, prizes, and swag will be provided to all participants for free!

AudiSea 2018 Menlo Hacks Submission

Winner - 4th-6th Place

An audio visualizer that allows you to see your music as it plays in an ocean setting...in VR!

Written using AFrame.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Alexey Kolechkin, Alex Waitz

CarrotCane 2018 TinoHacks II Submission

Winner - 1st Place

While we were experimenting with the capabilities of the Arduino hardware, we realized that we could create a product that is both impactful and interesting to develop. One of our previous attempts to aid the visually impaired with only software proved ineffective, so we decided to start over from scratch with more capable hardware and software integrations to create a more enticing product prototype. What it does (Feature List) Automatic detection of nearby objects with audible alarm and feedback when approaching too quickly Attach a smartphone to provide live GPS tracking and photo/video feed Online supervisor console- monitor GPS position and manage hardware settings online How we built it CarrotCane runs on a Node.js server with Socket.io, with Arduino hardware and a mobile interface written in Ionic. We created an averaging algorithm which can effectively determine oncoming obstacles or objects moving towards the user. This is accomplished using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor in addition to LCD 2004 Panel and corresponding buttons. We also utilized two Arduino Uno boards which communicate with each other via Inter-Integrated Circuit Serial Bus(I²C), in which one board handles communication with the web platform while the other receives sensor inputs and display outputs. Additionally, Geolocation feature and video related features are created using Ionic framework, and it allowed us to acquire accurate GPS coordinates of the user.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian


Community Game Development Club hosted at Monta Vista High School since 2016.

Some of our games include Squadron Dragon and TowerRush- view more information at our website!


AtomBlast is an online multiplayer arena game set at the atomic level. You control your own atom and fight with your team against other players to gain the most points. Collect atoms to craft into compounds with the click of a button- each compound has unique qualities that can help you attack, defend, and gain buffs! Strategically minded maps, weaponry, team play, and game modes only add to the fuel!!

Made with Pixi.js renderer, Node.js backend, Socket.io networking. Written in JavaScript

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Akash Basu, Adarsh Iyer, Jeffery Yang, Kevin Chu, Muaaz Wahid

BamBoard 2018 Menlo Hacks III Submission (Team B)

An art collaboration platform aimed to create art that involve multiple people and personalities.

Contributors: Omar Hossain, Akash Basu, Vikram Peddinti

Cupertino Intellimaps 2017 <hack> Cupertino Hackathon submission

Mobile app for reporting community issues such as crime and road repair. Submitted reports are saved to our database and can be read from the admin console where they can be resolved.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Vikram Peddinti, Matthew Park

Aspicio 2017 Mountain View Hacks submission

Instead of walking with a cane or some other aid, visually impaired people walk around with their phone with Aspicio running. The lightweight app built with angular takes constant pictures and connects to a python based server to analyze the photos. With the use of powerful GPU's in the cloud, the image is processed almost instantly and sent back to the phone which gives vibration and sound feedback if an obstacle is there.

Contributors: Ben Cuan, Eric Qian, Viraj Shitole, Vikram Peddinti

Tipnote 2018 PioneerHacks Submission (Team B)

Tipnote is an app in which a student, teacher, or any user can freely exercise their creative processes, manage tasks, use version control, and summarize files with portfolios.

Examples: projects, documenting learning approaches, git repositories, development cycles, article summarization, etc.

Contributors: Akash Basu

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